8000 GPD Complete Commercial Reverse Osmosis Water System with Tank and Post Treatment

RO System: ROC Commercial
Sale price$14,000.00


The 8000 GPD Complete Reverse Osmosis Commercial System is ideal for spot-free car washes and cannabis growers. The compact size of the entire ROC series allows you to save space, and with low energy usage and maintenance requirements, this system will save you time and money. The ADVANTECH Aqua Chemical Injection Water Treatment System comes included with our systems and will ensure that your water filtration system runs at peak efficiency for years. The ADVANTECH Antiscalant also protects your RO membranes from scale buildup by removing existing scale from the membrane surface.

Complete Whole House RO System Includes:

A reverse osmosis system with pre-treatment will last longer. You may need one or more of these systems pending a water analysis of your water. You should conduct a full-scale water analysis every five years to ensure that you have adequate amounts of the minerals required for reverse osmosis treatment to be effective and to ensure that your reverse osmosis system produces water safe enough for your family. 

Pre-treatment Options:

This high-quality, professional-grade system lasts for at least 15-20 years.
Made in America.
Financing is available for this product.

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