What is the first thing I need to know about getting a water treatment system?

We CANNOT stress this enough if it's a reverse osmosis system, a water softener, or a giant commercial water system, the absolute FIRST thing you need for our water professionals to help you is a Water Analysis Report. This is crucial for us to find the right water system(s) that you'll need to remove hard water, iron, heavy metal, salt, pesticides, and water chemicals like chlorine/chloramines. Each system can work together so you get the best water possible.

Is there enough room under my sink for a new reverse osmosis drinking water system?

Yes. The system only takes up about 20% of the space underneath your sink. 

Is it possible to connect the system to my refrigerator's ice maker?

Absolutely. Our customers love the taste of clean, clear ice cubes.

Once the RO system is installed, does the filtered water come out of my main faucet at the sink?

No. It will come out of the brand new RO faucet mounted either left or right of your main faucet.

Do you have designer faucets that would match my current main faucet?

Yes. Check out our broad selection of affordable designer faucets to find the perfect match.

Does reverse osmosis water taste different than bottled water?

Yes. Our customers claim that the water from our RO systems has a cleaner, more refreshing taste. Also, when you produce your water, it has no preservatives or chemicals added, unlike bottled water. Water treated from our systems tests out better than any bottled water we have evaluated because it lacks the solids that bottled water contains.    

How often should I change my drinking water system filters?

Sediment and carbon filters should be changed once a year on average. Membrane filters should be changed every three to four years. NOTE: A TDS meter will help you determine when to change your membrane filter.

Is it difficult to install a reverse osmosis system?

No. Our systems are specially designed for easy installation. You will be sent easy-to-follow instructions along with your system. If you do have any questions, feel free to call one of our technicians who will be more than happy to assist you.

Do RO systems remove sodium from water?

Yes. They do remove 95-100% of your water’s sodium and other chemicals and solids.

Do I need to buy a pump for my new reverse osmosis drinking water system?

Most drinking water systems do not require additional pumps. However, permeate pumps are used for long runs, multiple faucets, or higher water output.

Is my payment secure on the website? 

Absolutely. We have the most secure site on the market today with the use of PayPal and its security network. We accept all credit cards. If you feel more comfortable calling your payment in or sending a payment, that is fine too. Just give us a call and we will process the order for you.   

Do you give out my data or email address?

Never. We do not sell your data or email address to anyone. We do reserve the right to email you a filter reminder or product update.

When will my order be shipped out?

All standard orders usually take about 1-3 business days to ship out, Expedited shipping orders usually depend on the time of order, if not shipped the same day it will ship the next business day.

If we have any questions can we call or email your office?

Absolutely! This is what we are here for. Email us through our secure contact form, or call us at 1-888-309-2837.


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