Commercial Vertical Atmospheric Water Tanks

Size: 50 Gallons (18" x 53")
Sale price$499.00


These tanks are perfect for storing water and using it to irrigate lawns, paintball fields, parks, camping areas, animal feed areas, and other various entities. The materials are UV stabilized and durable enough to stand up to the outdoor elements long-term. Gallon indicators molded on the tanks enable the ability to measure and determine the amount of water inside, while the translucent sidewalls quickly show the water level. 

These tanks are made with FDA-compliant resin for water storage, with weatherproof, threaded lids and an anti-surge vent. The fittings are bolt-on with stainless steel bolts for a tight seal and a molded-in lock-down slot with lifting lugs.

These tanks require specific truck shipping because of their size and weight.
Standard lead/delivery time ranges from 3-5 weeks.

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