Fleck 5600 Carbon Water Filter System | Chlorine Removal Water System

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Our Fleck 5600 whole house, carbon water treatment  and chlorine water  filter system cleans out all the nasty chlorine taste and odors from your water.   This system is part of a whole house water treatment line, including our  Fleck 5600SXT water softeners and Fleck 2510SXT Iron Removal Systems.

The system utilizes all NSF and FDA approved components, including granular activated carbon filter media. This carbon water filtration system is environmentally friendly, carbon filter media is renewable and sustainable, made from coconut trees. Check our Carbon Water System Sizing Chart to see what size you need.

Carbon water filtering is extremely effective when it comes to reducing chlorine and chloramine chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, tastes, smells, and volatile organic chemicals from your water supply.

Our Carbon Filtration  System Benefits:

  • Effectively reduces bad taste, odors, and chlorine
  • Effective removal of volatile organic chemicals
  • Removes chlorine and chemicals
  • Simple to operate and set time clock
  • Includes built in bypass Almond polyglass mineral tank
  • Uses less than $2 of electricity per year
  • Low maintenance and user friendly
5600 Fleck Carbon Water Filter System