Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

Picking a commercial reverse osmosis membrane isn't as easy as just selecting a size.  Since there are so many different water quality types, there's a whole range of different types of commercial RO systems out there.  Do you know if your commercial membrane is the right one for your system?

Size: The Easiest Selection To Determine
Size is the simplest one to figure out for your system.  Let's decode how commercial membranes are measured.  A standard 4040 membrane, is considered 4" in diameter, and 40" long.

Other standard sizes break out like this:
2514 = 2.5" x 14"
2521 = 2.5 x 21"
2540 = 2.5 x 40"
4014 = 4" x 40"
4021 = 4" x 21"
4040 =4" x 40"

Always check with your system manual to make sure you're getting the right sized membrane.

PSI Rating and GPD Rating
GPD, gallons per day, is the flow rated amount of water in a 24 hour period that can be put through the membrane.  Some are rated for higher flow, some for lower.  And that ties in with high energy membranes, low energy membranes, and cold water membranes.  Low energy membranes have lower psi ratings, typically at 150 psi.  250 psi is considered high energy and extra low energy membranes, or "cold water membranes" operate at 100psi with colder water and still give great production water.

What's Your Water Type?
Are you on city water, well water, or something in-between?  Standard city water needs a regular membrane to remove 99.9% of chemical contaminants from your water supply.  Well water requires a water report, since you never know what's in there, they may require a low energy membrane, depending on the water quality.  Brackish water is in between standard water and sea water, not as salty as sea water, but not up the the same standard of city water.  Along those lines, your system may need a desalinization reverse osmosis membrane, which does filter sea water.

Confused or unsure of your membranes?
There's so many options, it's easy to get confused about commercial RO membranes.  If you need help, contact our water professionals, (888) 309-2837, and we'll help you find the right commercial reverse osmosis membrane for your system.

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