How To Choose A Water Treatment System

What Water Treatment System Should I Buy?

It's a common question, "What are the first steps when trying to figure out what water treatment filter system I need to get?"  In order to help our water professionals find the right water filter system for your needs, there are a few things you'll need.

The first place to start is, what's in your water?  Are you trying to get rid of water hardness?  Do you have build-up on your faucets and showers?  Does your water smell of sulfur and rotten egg?  Or is it just cloudy and brown?

In order to figure out what problems we need to tackle, the first step is a water analysis test.  A professional water test will tell you the chemicals, iron, heavy metals, chlorine/chloramines, hardness, and anything else you'll need in order to get the right water system for your needs.

If you're on city water, this can be pretty easy to get, call your local water municipal, they're required to keep this information on hand, so they can provide you the most recent testing levels.  If you're on well water, you'll want to send a water sample to a reputable water testing lab, and as a general guide, there are resources online that show you based on your zip code, what's in your water.

If you're tackling water hardness, in order to properly size a water softener, you'll need to know the grains hardness of your water.  There are some at-home water tests you can use, but you'll want to consult a municipality or have a professional test your well water.  In order to get the right amount of water softness and capacity, we'll need to know how many bathrooms and water fixtures are in the home, as well as the water hardness level.

Another common assumption is the level of iron in your water.  There's no point in getting a softener if your water contains iron and heavy metals, because these will weigh the resin down in your softener and make it ineffective.  We highly recommend to our customers that have iron in their water, they should invest in an Air Injection Iron Water Removal System, to work in tandem with their water softener, or in some cases, by itself.  This system helps remove the rotten egg smell and foul taste from your water.

And brown water... sediment and turbidity making your water cloudy is just plain nasty.  If your sediment level isn't too terribly high, you might be able to use a specific whole home water filter system, like a 10" or 20" water filter system.  If it's really troublesome, an entire home water system may be necessary to get rid of that water cloudiness.

If you're looking for alkaline water systems, there are quite a few to choose from, whole home alkaline water systems, drinking water alkaline water system, even inline alkaline water filters.  Depending on how much water and the alkalinity, there's a water filter options for them all.

Last but not least, reverse osmosis systems.  In order to finish the job and clean out the 98-99.9% of contaminants from your water, how much pure, clean water do you need?  If you need just a smaller amount, there are undersink drinking water systems available, or if you need a whole house water filter system, you'll have to size a larger volume system in order to make sure your home never runs out of safe water.

If you're overwhelmed, we understand, there are A LOT of questions in order to get safe, clean water.  Our water professionals are available and build these systems daily, from simple water filter changes, to whole home water systems, and even giant commercial water systems like car washes and restaurants.  Contact our water professionals with your water analysis, and we'll get you the right water system specifically for your problematic water!

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