Water Treatment Chemical Solutions

Water Treatment ChemicalsWater softener resin cleaners, reverse osmosis sanitation, well-water iron removal and disinfection, there are a wide variety of chemical water treatment solutions.  Our water professionals can help you find the right chemical treatment for your water system (we even have some non-chemical water treatment options) because with all of the water treatment solutions, it might be difficult to see which options you need for your water system.

Types of Water Treatment Chemicals:

Water softener cleaners: Depending on your water softener, you may need a chemical to remove trace amounts of iron, to regenerate your water softener resin bed, or add a daily use chemical drip/injection system that helps with preventative maintenance.  Solutions range from a resin care chemical, hydrogen peroxide, and rust out removal. If your system uses manganese greensand, you'll need a potassium permanganate to help restore your systems filtration.

Acidic water neutralization: If your water is so acidic that it's eating through your plumbing pipes, you'll need an acid neutralizing chemical or a citric acid chemical to raise or lower pH level of your water system.

Scale and corrosion reduction/removal: You may need a chemical feed to help treat hardness, iron, corrosion, and scale build-up to help extend the life of your water treatment system.

Sanitizing and disinfectants: Specialized chlorine pellets are used in wells to treat common well-water problems and specifically designed sanitation system packets clean out your reverse osmosis system housings and tank, plus it's safer and easier to use than bleach.

Depending on what water system you have, there are multiple options to help maintain and treat your water.  You'll find a variety of high quality, cost effective water treatment products that are cost effective and help you condition your water for your needs. We offer a wide range of water treatment solutions that focus on rectifying problem water and maintaining the performance of water quality equipment.  And as always, follow the instructions on each water treatment chemical, or find professional guidance before you use any chemical in your water system.

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