No matter where you live there are tiny amounts of lead in your drinking water. While most places the amount is so minuscule you will never see an effects from it. However, there are certain parts the country that removing lead from your water is very important. As recently as 2010 New York had discovered dangerous levels in 14% of the local water supply. The solution? They recommended that citizens run the water for 30 seconds before using it.

Most cities have removed all of the old lead pipes bringing you water to your home. But, as New York and now Flint Michigan have shown, you never can know for sure. Flint is another nightmare all together, as the contamination there was not due to old pipes but a bad decision overall. Unfortunately the officials have recently announced that the lead contamination is so bad it is beyond what filtration can remove.

In most cases though removing lead from water can be done simply by adding a reverse osmosis system to your water supply. Having a whole house system can actually remove upto 95% of lead from your water.

Some people believe that by boiling your water you can actually remove the lead. Unfortunately, this could not be farther from the truth. Boiling water actually increases the amount of lead in the water. This is true for a lot of contaminants in your water. As the water evaporates through steam the contaminants are too heavy and increase in concentration due to less water.

With a good filtration system removing lead from water is painless. Any RO filtration system will get the job done. Weather you decide on an under sink model or a whole house system you will have the peace of mind knowing you are getting pure uncontaminated water out of your faucet.

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