In 1945 America started adding fluoride to the public water supply. Now some people are starting to wonder if this is really a good idea. And every year, more and more homes are receiving fluoridated water. In 2012 CDC released the latest numbers. Out of 313 million people in the US 210 million are on fluoridated water. (stats: )

Is Fluoride Bad for You?

The biggest proponent of adding this to the water is the ADA, stating that by adding fluoride to water it helps fight off tooth decay.

However, once you add fluoride into the water supply there really is no way to regulate it.

Fluoride is known to be toxic even at low levels. This is why toothpaste states to call poison control if swallowed.

A little known fact is most children already get over the recommended dose of fluoride daily just by brushing their teeth..

Studies are starting to show that as we build more fluoride up in our bones the more brittle our bones become.

How Can I Remove Fluoride from my Drinking Water?

While fluoride is found in all water naturally the amount is miniscule. But, since 1945 if you are among the majority of people in the United States you get your water from a public service. The public water supply adds up to 1 part per million in public water utilities. And according to the latest survey done by CDC in 2008 71% of all households are on public water that gets fluoride added to it. A reverse osmosis purification system is the best solution available for removing this potential toxin.

So if you have made the decision it is time to figure out how to remove fluoride from your water. The best solution is a reverse osmosis filtration system.

Adding a reverse osmosis system to your home can actually remove 85-92% of fluoride from your water supply.

The great thing about adding a reverse osmosis filtration system to your house is the ability to remove so many things from your current tap water.

  • Lead
  • Pesticides
  • Sulfates
  • Asbestos
  • Chlorine
  • Detergents
  • Cadmium

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