Water Softener Resin Cleaners | Water Softener Treatment Chemicals


Our water softener resin cleaners help you maintain your water softener's efficiency.  Water softener resin must be cleaned regularly, if you're using water frequently, sometimes it needs to be cleaned weekly, if it's less frequently, you can clean monthly.  These water softener resin cleaner chemicals remove your softener’s resin attracts calcium, magnesium, iron, and other trace minerals that make the water hard.

Water softener resin cleaner replaces the minerals with sodium ions. When picking a resin cleaner, make sure it’s designed to remove the specific mineral you need to remove.  If you need help choosing a cleaner, contact us at 1-888-309-2837 and our professionals can help you find the right product.

Be sure to follow the instructions on the package. Add the recommended amount of resin cleaner into the brine tank of the water-softener system. If there is no brine tank, feed the cleaner into the salt tank while the salt content is low.