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Well Safe Chlorine Kit is one of our best selling well water sanitizing kits.  This well water chlorination kit contains two, 8 oz. container of chlorine formula.  Be sure to follow the instructions, pour the bottle(s) into the well and allow the pellets to dissolve.

These Well Safe chlorine bottles are safe, NSF certified, and convenient. They're highly concentrated, semi-soft, and fast dissolving.  This formula is designed to be small and can pass through small restrictions in your well, so their strong chemical action can sanitize the entire well.

  • Shock treating wells after service
  • 70% concentration for powerful chemical action
  • Longer lasting than liquid chlorine
  • Chlorinates the entire well water column
  • Helps eliminate residue buildup on pumps, on well casings below the water line and in pipelines throughout the water delivery system
  • Small pellets for easy handling
  • Approved for safe travel by the United States Department of Transportation
  • EPA-registered specifically for treating potable water (reg. No 50510-1)
  • Certified by NSF to ANSI/NSF Standard 60

    Refer to the product label for Precautionary Statements, First Aid Directions, and Storage and Disposal.

    Note: Chlorine well sanitation kits must be shipped via standard ground shipping methods. No expedited options available.  Chlorine may make the water run colored, and iron deposits, slime, and organic material may break loose and plug pump screens.


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