Watts Zero Waste Filters | ZRO4 FMRO-4ZW Systems

Sanitizer Pack: Yes (+$5.00)
Membrane (Recommended): Yes(+$52.99)
Sale price$92.98


The replacement filters for the Watts Zero Waste ZRO4 & FMRO-4ZW RO Systems includes:

 Filter set includes:

(1) 5 Micron Sediment Cartridge Filter
(1) 10 Micron Carbon Block Cartridge Filter
(1) 10" Inline GAC Cartridge Filter (1/4" Female with 2-3/8" fittings and 2-1/4" Fittings) 

These are great filter cartridges for Watts Zero Waste Systems.
Protect and prevent fouling of your membrane.  We offer the option to add the membrane on to this filter pack, save yourself time and money and order them together.
Set should be changed once per year.
Membrane is not included in this set, you change membrane every 3 years
NSF tested & certified.

Your reverse osmosis systems should be sanitized at least once a year. We offer an additional sanitizer add-on, The Sani-System® packet works in 60 seconds to kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria. There's not need for you to measure or keep sanitizer chemicals on hand, this packet is pre-measured and ready to use.  Simple, easy, and protects your health from harmful bacteria.


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