Water General RO565, RO585 Reverse Osmosis Filters

Sanitizer Pack: No
Add Membrane: No
Sale price$39.99


This is the replacement filter set for the Water General RO565, RO585, and 585P drinking water systems. The filter set delivers reliable and consistent performance, protecting your home from unwanted impurities and delivering the purest drinking water possible.

Filter set includes:

(1) 5 Micron Sediment Cartridge Filter
(2) 10 Micron Carbon Block Cartridge Filter
(1) 10" Inline GAC Cartridge Filter (1/4" Female with 2-3/8" fittings and 2-1/4" Fittings)

It is recommended to replace filters every year.
It is recommended to replace the membrane (sold separately) every 3 years.

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