Water Factory Water Filter Set | Cuno SQC 3 HF Reverse Osmosis Filters

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This is a set of Water Factory Cuno SQC 3 HF filters, for reverse osmosis drinking water.  This set reduces Arsenic, Asbestos, Chlorine Taste & Odor, Cyst, Lead, Metals, Parasitic Protozoan Cyst, Sediment, and TDS.  This Cuno filter set includes a Sediment/Carbon Pre-filter and Carbon Block Post filter. These filters should be changed every year, and if your water quality is low, sooner.

These filters are rated at an 8.28 GPD capacity 0.5 GPM flow rate 5 micron filter.  They're a sanitary quick change filter, easy to exchange.

Cuno Filter Set Pack Includes:

(1) 47-55706G2--Sediment/Carbon Filter

(1) 47-55710G2--Post Carbon Block Cartridge

This set needs replaced once every 12 months.

Membrane is not included in this set, you change membrane every 3 years

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