Water Factory Water Filter Set | Cuno SQC 1 HF Reverse Osmosis Filters

SKU# 47-9288G2, 3MROP416-20A/ 47-9298G2
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Replacement water filter set for the Water Factory SQC1HF drinking systems include:

(1) 47-55702G2--Sediment Cartridge
(1) 47-55710G2  --Carbon Block Filter

Replacement water factory 47-55702g2/47-9288g2 SQC sediment pre-filter.  5 micron graded density sediment water pre-filter for optimal dirt holding capacity.  These filters are graded density for long life. For use as a pre-filter in SQC1, SQC2 and as the first pre-filter in SQC Pro and SQC Pro c-80. If you order the 47-55702g2/47-9288g2 you will receive the 3mrop411.

Also included in the replacement pack is a Water factory 47-55710g2 SQC carbon filter. Carbon block is a post-filter for your reverse osmosis system. It contains high absorption activated carbon block for final pass that polishes your drinking water. Provides high flow stream of drinking water through unique radial flow cartridge design. For use as postfilter for SQC 1 hf, SQC 2 hf, SQC 3 hf, SQC 3 hf, SQC 4 hf, SQC 4 and SQC Pro

 For maximum quality, this set needs replaced 1 time every 12 months.   

Membrane is not included in this set, you change membrane every 3 years