Water Analysis Hardness, Iron and PH Test Kit

Sale price$139.99


The best water conditioning kits in the business today, this kit was designed to give you optimum testing results.  All solutions are blended in-house and are proprietary to the brand.  Demo kits feature a heavy plastic and metal construction and are rugged enough to pass a two-story drop test. Test the water for hardness, iron and PH, in order to decide if you need a water treatment system or water softener.

The 2401 Iron, Hardness, & PH Kit Includes:

  • Hardness (0.5oz). Hardness #1, #2, and #3
  • Hardness test bottle
  • Hardness measuring tube
  • Iron reagent foil pack, (5ml, 50 pk)
  • PH wide range indicator (0.5oz)

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