UV Lamp-Microfilter 1 GPM 6 Watt UV-610RL

Sale price$29.99


Get your UV Lamp-Microfilter 1 GPM 6 Watt UV-610RL replacement lamp for the MicroFilter OPP-UV6W System. This lame is an incredibly important piece of our system to replace annually because it will help maintain proper system cleanliness. The reason this lamp maintenance is so important is because it renders micro-organisms harmless when they go passed the UV rays. The longer your lamp operates, the weaker it can get, so changing older ones for new ones give you the safest, cleanest water.


  • Replace every year
  • Use with MicroFilter OPP-UV6W System
  • Power Usage: 6 Watts
  • Dimensions: 8.25" X .61"

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