Scale Reduction Media | Filtersorb Anti-Scale Media

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Scale reduction water filter media reduces your home's hard water by conditioning the Calcium and Magnesium hardness into non-soluble micro crystals.

Scale reduction water conditioners change the hardness in your water to easily wipe away cleanly off of fixtures and appliances, without the use of chemical cleaners. 

One of the best benefits to scale reduction systems is the FILTERSORB® SP3 scale reduction media doesn't add sodium in the water like conventional water softeners.

Amount Per Tank Size:

 8 X 44" Size 3 liter bags
9 X 48" Size 4 liter bags
10 X 54" Size 5 liter bags
12 X 52" Size 7 liter bags
13 X 54" Size 9 liter bags
14 X 65" Size 11 liter bags

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