Salt Free Water Conditioner System | Pre-Filter, Carbon Water Filter

Size: 8 GPM 3/4" 8x44 1-3 Bathrooms (+$620.00)
Add Luminor UV : Yes
Sale price$3,364.99


Salt Free Water Conditioning System With Pre-Filter, Carbon Filter

Filtersorb SP3 media inside our salt free water systems prevents the development of scale that forms on the heating aspects and on the pipes and hardware of the pipes systems. When the inlet water goes into the water conditioner tank, the up flow pulls the water through the fluidized Filtersorb SP3 media. Due to the more difficult minerals have been changed into nanoparticles, these nanoscopic particles make their method through the plumbing system without attaching to the pipelines or the fixtures in the water system.


The Filtersorb SP3 anti-scale media is specially developed and produced to prevent hazardous scale build up. Our anti-scale media is special because the surface of the media is specifically manufactured to be hard and similar to a ball bearing which protects the media from shearing off and results in a much better operational item with a lot longer life expectancy. As the inlet water streams into the water conditioner tank, the up flow pulls the water which then goes through the Filter SP3 media. When contact in between the media and water has actually been made, the Filtersorb SP3 serves as catalyst and transforms the difficult minerals into in active nano crystal particles. These nano crystallized particles break off and flow freely through the system without connecting on to pipelines and other hardware parts. A secondary advantage is that Filtersorb SP3 media process has a descaling impact on the existing scale already present in pipelines, hardware, and equipment. A third advantage is that the Filtersorb SP3 Media likewise avoids rust by including a 30 micron protective layer to the surface of the pipelines and hardware. The overall process of Filtersorb SP3 is essentially maintenance free and does not require electricity, backwashing, or salt.

 What is the Carbon Filter used for?

  • Effectively reduces bad taste, odors, and chlorine, while adding nothing to your water.
  • Effective removal of volatile organic chemicals
  • Removes chlorine and chemicals
  • Excellent tasting water throughout your home
  • No more smelly water
  • Water is crystal clear for drinking, cooking, bathing, and laundry.
  • Automatic operation - Low Maintenance - Simple to operate   
  • 100% scale removal for pipes and hardware           
  • Scale prevention
  • Long Lifetime
  • Highly efficient
  • No salt brine required
  • No chemicals required
  • Effective in high water temperatures

Surface: Ceramic 
Matrix: Polyacryl 
Size: 0.4 – 1.2 mm
Color: light yellow
Bulk Density: 50 lbs per cu. ft.

Residential Uses:

  • Homes
  • Condos & Apartments

Commercial Uses:

  • Pipes and boilers
  • Pretreatment for RO membranes
  • Cooling Towers
  • Beverage Industry
  • Municipal Systems
  • Hotels

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