Purotwist Omnipure Non-Valve Head

Sale price$24.50


Omnipure Q-Series Non-Valved Head immediately shuts off the water system when the filter body twists off.  We have the regular valve head option available as well, if you have any questions, call 1-888-309-2837.

Replacement of the used media bed is completed immediately by removing the filter body from a fixed head with a twist. The new filter body is quickly screwed into the head and the replacement is done. The Q-Series is features the optional Twist Tap® in-head valve system, which instantly turns the supply water off when the body is detached from the head.

 Fits all Q-Series Twist-Tap filters and is offered in 1/4" FPT, 3/8" FPT and 1/4" John Guest push-in fitting.  Requires # 8 x 1/2" installing screw.

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