PURA UV Lamp | 36002017 Replacement UV Lamp #11

Sale price$68.50


This is the direct replacement for the PURA 36002017 Replacement Lamp #11.  Replacing your Pura UVB Series, it's highly recommended to replace the PURA 36002017 UV lamp every year because that makes sure that your water quality is safe.  These UV lamps almost never burn out, but they do lose their ultraviolet disinfection power effectiveness after a year's usage.

The Pura #11 UV Lamp is the center of your UVB disinfection system.  These lamps can disinfects up to 2 gallons per minute, and when you use pre-filtration it's effectively consistent. It is also important to replace your quartz sleeve is damaged or if it can't be cleaned by your usual methods.

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