Pentek Big Blue Water Filter | Iron Reducing 20" Water Filter

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This Pentek 155263 RFFE20-BB radial flow iron decrease cartridge is suitable for decreasing the existence of dissolved iron in water products with concentrations approximately 3 parts per million (ppm) for enhanced taste, less staining, and minimized possibility of pipe and water heater damage. It is developed for use with a # 20 Pentek Big Blue filter housing (not consisted of), and operates at a maximum temperature of 100 degrees F (37.8 degrees C). It has a lifespan of 26,000 gallons for water materials with an iron concentration of 3 ppm, and a longer lifespan at lower concentrations. This iron decrease cartridge appropriates for commercial and domestic filtering applications, with pre-sediment and post-carbon treatment advised for finest results.

Pentek Big Blue Water Filter Details:
pH should be greater than 7
Silica less than 100 ppm
Manganese less than 1ppm
Iron less than 3.0 ppm
Pentek Big Blue water filters eliminate undesirable particles, chemicals, and bacteria from water by means of a semipermeable barrier, adsorption, or biological procedures. They are made of densely jam-packed synthetic or natural fibers that trap suspended particles, products that block microorganisms or adsorb undesirable chemicals, or compounds that cause a chemical change, such as acid neutralization. For many residential, industrial, and commercial applications, water filters are produced through exchangeable cartridges that fit inside permanent real estates. Purification systems usually include a series of 2 or more kinds of filters, each designed to get rid of various pollutants. The performance of filters is determined by the minimum particle size that is obstructed, the percentage of particles or microbes that are gotten rid of, the downstream concentration of unwanted chemicals, the optimum flow rate, and the amount of water that can be filtered prior to the filter should be replaced. Water filters are used in a wide range of applications, consisting of drinking water filtration, swimming pools, industrial processes, and watering, among others.
Iron reducing filter that removes water iron in residential and industrial applications.

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