Mixed Bed Black Gold DI Resin | Deionized Resin Filter Media

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Mixed bed black and gold DI deionization resin is a one-to-one equivalent mixture of a hydrogen form strong acid cation resin and a hydroxide form type 1 strong base anion resin. 

Depending on availability, the brands may vary.

This mixed bed resin is intended for use in all mixed bed deionization applications that require high resistivity and high capacity. Mixed Bed Resin is well suited for portable exchange and other polishing applications.  Comes in 1 Cubic Foot Bags.


Polymer Structure Styrene/DVB
Polymer Type Gel
Functional Group Sulfonic Acid (Cation) / Trimethylamine (Anion)
Physical Form Spherical Beads
Ionic Form (as shipped) Hydrogen/Hydroxide
Column capacity > 0.60 meq/mL 
Volume Ratio (Cation/Anion)         40/60 percent
Water Retention 55 to 60 percent
Screen Size Distribution  16 to 50 (U.S. Mesh)
Resin Color Brown to black (Cation) / Amber (Anion)

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