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Minipure Ultraviolet Product Features

Stainless Steel Construction
UV water purifier system chamber and hardware are Type 304 stainless steel for dependable long life. Chamber is electropolished and passivated for an attractive finish and dependable service.

Quick Lamp Change
Exclusive, patented Easy-Off™ Retainer Cap enables effortless lamp replacement without shut-down of water pressure or drainage of tank. No tools are required.

Fused Quartz Sleeve
Insures optimum lamp output at normal potable water temperatures.

Indicator Light
LED on transformer provides visual indication of germicidal lamp operation.

Optional Equipment
Optional accessories may be obtained at purchase time or added at a later date.

Minipure® Ultraviolet Water Purifier Advantages
Effective - virtually all microorganisms are susceptible to Minipure™ ultraviolet disinfection.
Economical - hundreds of gallons are purified for each penny of operating cost.
Safe - no danger of overdosing, no addition of chemicals.
Fast - water is ready for use as soon as it leaves the purifier – no further contact time required.
Easy - simple installation and maintenance. Compact units require minimum space.
Automatic - provides continuous disinfection without special attention or measurement.
Chemical Free - no chlorine taste or corrosion problems.
- 1 to 9 gallons per minute [gpm], 60 to 540 gallons per hour [gph]
- Potable & high purity water point of use applications
- 304 Stainless Steel, electropolished and passivated inside and out
- Easy-Off™ Retainer Cap for effortless lamp change

(1) Water enters the purifier and flows into the annular space between the quartz sleeve and the chamber wall.
(2) Within the chamber, water is exposed to intense germicidal ultraviolet radiation.
(3) Transformer with LED indicator light provides visual indication of germicidal lamp operation.
(4) Water leaving the purifier is instantly ready for use.

Minipure® Installation and Maintenance
The Minipure ultraviolet water purifier is installed as close as possible to the point of use. Connection of the inlet and outlet to water supply and insertion of plug into 3-wire grounded outlet is all that is required.

Ordinary maintenance consists of cleaning the quartz sleeve once monthly or more frequently where conditions dictate. Lamp replacement is recommended every 10,000 hours of operation (approximately 14 months of continuous service).

Minipure® Specifications for Models
[UV Water Purifier Comparison Chart]
Model GPM GPH Inlet 
[Watts] (2)
Unit Dimensions
Shipping Data (lb.)
Length Width Height Gross Wt. Net Wt.
Min-1 1 60 1/4" 05-1119 14 12-3/8 2-1/2 3 6 5
Min-1.5 1.5 90 1/4" 05-1366 16 15-3/8 2-1/2 3 7 6
Min-3 3 180 3/4" 05-1366 16 16-1/4 4-1/4 5-9/16 10 9
Min-6 6 360 3/4" 05-1370 24 22-1/4 4-1/4 5-9/16 11 10
Min-9 9 540 3/4" 05-0097A 34 29-3/8 4-1/4 5-9/16 14 12
(1) Min-1 and Min-1.5 have female pipe threads. Min-3, Min6 & Min-9 have male pipe threads.
(2) Total power consumption including ballast loss (approximately).
• Maximum recommended operating pressure for all purifiers is 100 PSI.
• Pressure drop at maximum recommended flow rate is less than 5 PSI.
• Consult factory with specific power requirements.
• All data shown above reflects 120 Volt 60 Hz operation. Minipure® units are available for operation on public power supplied throughout the world.
• When used at recommended flow rates to disinfect clear water, Minipure® Ultraviolet Water Purifiers provide an ultraviolet dosage in excess of 30,000 microwatt seconds per square centimeter (µWSec/cm2).

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