Microline Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Set | Microline TFC-335 Filters

Sanitizer Pack: No
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The Microline TFC-335 RO Filter Set for your reverse osmosis drinking water system. Original Manufacturer Filters.

Filter Set For Microline reverse osmosis Systems. This is the Original Clack Microline RO membrane with a 50 gallon per day rating.  This membrane is effective usually at over 94% rejection of all total dissolved solids from your source water in the home. Microline Activated Carbon Post Filter is used for a polishing filter to improve the overall taste of the product water.

Fits Microline RO Systems : TFC 300, TFC-335,  TFC-35A

Microline RO Filter Set does include:

  • (1) S7028--Sediment/Carbon cartridge
  • (1) S7025--GAC Filter
  • (1) S1229RS-50 Gallons Per Day Membrane

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