Microline Reverse Osmosis Water Filter | Microline Sediment Carbon Block Filter S7028

Sale price$18.99


This Microline S7028 Sediment/Carbon Prefilter is designed to remove chlorine tastes and odors from your water. The S7028 is the original part for TFC-4 3 Stage Microline and Clack RO Systems and is used in all Microline CTA or TFC Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems. The Microline S7028 reduces sediment down to 5 microns.


  • 5 micron sediment and carbon pre-filter
  • Original OEM Microline product
  • 1 year suggested replacement
  • Removes chlorine tastes and odors

NOTE: This water filter is also compatible with Microline part number A1013475 as well as Pentek RS-21-CB5 and RS-21-CB5-EB.

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