Standard Reverse Osmosis Membrane Housing

Membrane Housing Type: Housing Only
Sale price$10.00


This Standard Reverse Osmosis Membrane Housing can be used with most 11.75-inch to 12-inch reverse osmosis membrane elements. This reverse osmosis membrane housing has a thicker body for stronger durability and stronger membrane cup design to prevent cracking.

The RO membrane housing has three standard 1/8-inch threaded ports. If you do not have fittings, see the Instructions section for available fittings. You do not have to worry about bypass of Brine water to the Permeate side which is quite common on most other housings manufactured today.

The reverse osmosis membrane housing has been Tested and Certified by NSF International to NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for material and structural integrity requirements only. This Reverse Osmosis Membrane housing utilizes a flat gasket and an o-ring to ensure a true double o-ring seal. Other RO membrane housings lacking one o-ring will leak

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