Manganese Greensand Plus | Greensand Iron Removal Filter

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A proven and highly effective filter media in removing manganese, iron, sulfur, arsenic, and radium from well water supplies.  We stock 1/2 cubic foot bags.  This manganese greensand filter is one of our best sellers and is NSF certified.

Manganese Greensand Details

Greensand Plus is a purple-gray filter media used for removal soluble iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, arsenic and radium from well water supplies.  Like its sister product Manganese Greensand, the substrate media has a manganese dioxide coated surface that acts as a catalyst in the oxidation-reduction reaction of iron and manganese. The difference between Greensand Plus and Manganese Greensand is in the substrate that forms the core of the media and the method by which the manganese dioxide coating is attached to the substrate. Greensand Plus has a silica sand core and the coating is fused to it while the Manganese Greensand has a glauconite core and the coating is ionically bound to it.
Along with the added benefits comes the fact that Greensand Plus is an exact replacement for Manganese Greensand. It can be used in CR and IR applications and requires no changes in backwash rate or times or chemical feeds.

Greensand Plus has received the WOA Gold Seal Certification for compliance with NSF/ANSI 61. It is available in easy ­to-handle ½ cubic foot bags.

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