Katalox Light Iron Filter Media

Size: 1/2 Bag = 33 lbs CuFt
Sale price$123.50



Katalox Light is great for replacing Pyrolox, Filox, and other Manganese Dioxide Media. It's 66lbs/CuFt, with half bags available. Great for Fleck 2510 Iron Removal Systems, it filters Arsenic, Iron, Manganese, H2S, and other metals without potassium permanganate or chlorine. Zeosorb-based, it has 2-3 micron particle filtering capabilities, high micro-porosity, and a rough surface for efficient removal of dirt, silt, and suspended solids. Low pressure loss, high flow rates, and high bed loading. Operates at 12 gmp/sq. ft (30 m/h) and only requires 5-10 min backwash time at 5.5 gpm/sq. ft (13m/h).


Katalox-Light Features:

Katalox Light Manual

• Bulk Density: 66 lbs/Cubic Foot.
• pH Operating Range: 5.8-10.5
• Filters Down to 2-3 microns
• Service Flow: 6-12 gpm/Sq. Foot 

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