Hydrotech F-HTF Series Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Set

Sanitizer Pack: No
Sale price$62.50


This our replacement filter set for the Hydrotech Reverse Osmosis Systems for models F-HTF-25, 35, 45, 50, and 75.  Most reverse osmosis filter sets should be changed once per year and maybe even sooner depending on your water quality.  Filters generally get dirty and should be replaced in order to keep your membrane working properly, and keep cleaning contaminants out of your drinking water. 

The membrane is not included in this set but we do offer Hydrotech Membranes as well and you can add it to your cart.  It's recommended because you should change membrane every 3 years or sooner if your water quality is poor.

We offer an add-on sanitizer kit with this filter pack.  When you change your filters you should sanitize your systems before replacing them, to help keep the system clear of any harmful bacteria.

Filter set includes:

(1)Sediment Cartridge-41400008

The membrane for each of the above models is in our store for purchase. The membrane is to be replaced every 2-4 years depending on the water usage and quality.

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