Hydronix SPC-25-1030 Pleated Sediment Water Filter 30 Micron

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Hydronix SPC-25-1030 SPC series polyester pleated cartridges are manufactured from durable polyester to provide you with a superior pleated cartridge that is washable and reusable. The polyester media is pleated around a polypropylene core for added strength and the ends are immersed in a thermosetting vinyl plastisol which fuses the three components together forming a unified end cap and gasket. The cartridges are bacteria and chemical resistant and provide great dirt holding capacity to extend the time between cartridge change outs.


They are made with 100% pure polypropylene and are free of surfactants, detergents, and anti-static agents. filter cartridges do not impart any substances into water which are known to or can cause adverse health effects to humans.

Manufacturer/Brand: Hydronix
Filter Series: SPC
Part Number: SPC-25-1030
Type: Sediment - Pleated
Size: 2 1/2 x 9 7/8 Inches (63 x 251 mm)
Micron Rating: 30 (Nominal)
Pressure Loss: 1 psi @ 10.0 GPM
Validation: NSF42
Made in: Taiwan

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