Hydronix CB-25-0505 Carbon Water Filter 5 Micron

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This HYDRONIX CB-25-0505 carbon block filter has a particle retention size of 5 micron, and is suitable for drinking water filtration applications. It has coconut shell activated carbon filter media to reduce unpleasant taste and odor from drinking water. This filter has a 2.5 in. O.D. and an overall length of 4-7/8 in. It has an operating temperature range of 40°F to 180°F, and a maximum pressure rating of 250 psi. This carbon block filter is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Standard 42 for material requirements only, and is suitable for use in water dispensing applications where higher chlorine levels are present. Water filters remove undesirable particles, chemicals, and microorganisms from water by means of a semipermeable barrier, adsorption, or biological processes. They are made of densely packed synthetic or natural fibers that trap suspended particles, materials that block microbes or adsorb unwanted chemicals, or substances that cause a chemical change, such as acid neutralization. For most residential, commercial, and industrial applications, water filters are manufactured in the form of replaceable cartridges that fit inside permanent housings. Filtration systems typically consist of a series of 2 or more types of filters, each designed to remove different contaminants.