Garnet Media - #8 - 12lb Bag

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Garnet is a high-hardness, high-density granular filter media. It is typically used as a multi-bed down-flow system's lower (final) filtration layer. Called multi-media or mixed media filtration, the high-density small grain size of Garnet solves a major filtration problem. In a single media granular filter such as a sand filter, the material will hydraulically classify during backwash according to granule size, the smallest rinsing to the top. When water flows downward through the sand, the fine particles at the top of the bed do most of the straining of the sediment. The solids form a cake on the surface, with filtration typically occurring in the top few inches. As the cake forms, the filtration becomes finer, and head loss increases exponentially.

  • High specific gravity allows unique filter designs. With other filter media, higher flow rates, higher loadings, and better filtration can be achieved.
  • High hardness reduces attrition and provides years of reliable service.
  • An excellent support bed for other high-density media.

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