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The FLECK 9100SXT dual tank system reduces regeneration time and has a NOVRAM feature that makes it possible to store your most recent settings in memory even if your power goes out. This twin tank water softener does a fantastic job with efficiency, and the alternating resin tanks give you constant, fresh, soft water at all times. Save up to 40% in salt usage over other models. 

Features and benefits:

  • FLECK 9100SXT meter valve
  • Plumbing adapter 3/4" stainless steel bypass
  • Twin mineral tanks
  • Limited warranty: 5-years valve and 10-years tanks
  • 15" x 17" square salt tank
  • 2.00 Cu. Ft. high-capacity resin, 8% crosslink
  • Valve-to-brine tank tubing, 6 Ft. x 3/8"
  • Brine tank 2310 safety overflow assembly

System Specifications:

  • Regen Type: Meter Initiated (0-9,999 gal)
  • Timer Type: Electronic
  • Cycle Type: 5-Cycle Adjustable 
  • Electrical Requirements: 24vac/60hz (Plug-In Transformer Included)
  • Service Flow Rate: 9.00 gpm @ 15 psi drop
  • Backwash Rate: 2.00 gpm
  • 19” (W) x 24” (D) x 57” (H)

We recommend using the FLECK 2510SXT Iron Removal Water System if iron is present in your water.

Click here for the FLECK 9100 start-up manual.
Click here for the water softener sizing chart.

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