Fleck 5600 Rebuild Kit | Fleck Seals, Spacers, Pistons, O-Rings

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We have a Fleck 5600 Rebuild Kit, for systems that may be worn down and need replacing within a 5-7 year span of owning a valve. Rebuild Kit Fleck 5600 water softener application, regular wear and tear on the pistons and seals  may cause the valve to get stuck in the regeneration cycle.

Replacing the assemblies brings the softener valve it's top performing condition.

Comes with (1) FLE-60102-00 Piston (1) FLE-60125 Seal and Spacers (1)FLE-60032 Brine Valve (1)FLE-13302 Oring (4)FLE-13305 Orings (2) FLE-13301 Orings (1) FLE-12638 Oring (1) FLE-13303 Oring (1) FLE-10227 Injector screen.