Hydro-Logic Evolution High Flow RO System - 1000 GPD

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Achieve the highest flow rates from the Hydro-Logic Evolution 1000, the most efficient RO system. The Evolution-RO can produce more than 1,000 GPD or 42 gallons per hour of pure water (no tank necessary). Includes a sediment/carbon pre-filter and two membranes that remove 95%+ of all parts per million from your tap water. Save more water by running a 2:1 waste-to-product water ratio; or an optional 1:1 ratio (to save 50% of the wastewater). The Hydro-Logic Evolution has a simple and quick setup, with no electricity needed unless you buy the booster pump accessory.

Evolution RO 1000 can handle hydroponics, gardening, greenhouses, marijuana farms, aquariums, light commercial uses, and more.

How it works:

The Evolution-RO 1000 Reverse Osmosis System offers a simple and effective method of filtering water using pressure to push water through a semipermeable membrane. Treated drinking water goes through the blue line. Minerals and impurities are sent to the drain with RO waste water through the black line. The system includes a replaceable carbon pre-filter and two membrane elements. An optional high-capacity pre-filter is available for added convenience. After passing through the RO system, an optional deionization post-filter will remove any remaining PPM of TDS in the water.

Evolution-RO Unit Includes:

  1. (x3) Filter Housings
  2. (x1) ChloraShield Carbon Filter
  3. (x2) Evolution-RO Membranes
  4. (x1) White Feed Fitting
  5. (x1) Dark Blue Drain Fitting
  6. (x1) Orange 1:1 Ratio Drain Fitting
  7. (x1) Green 2:1 Ration Drain Fitting
  8. (x1) Lock Bar
  9. (x1) Pressure Gauge w/ Tee fitting
  10. (x1) Support Leg/Housing Wrench
  11. (6 ft.) 1/2" Inlet White Tubing
  12. (10 ft.) 3/8" Waste Black Tubing
  13. (10 ft.) 3/8" Outlet Blue Tubing
  14. (x1) Garden Hose Connector
  15. (x1) Inline Shutoff Valve
Click here for the HydroLogic Evolution-RO manual
Click here for filters for Evolution RO system

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