Dow Filmtec BW30-365 | Commercial Membrane 9500 GPD

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Industrial sized, DOW Filmtec BW30-365 RO Membrane 9500 GPD, it's a 8" x 40" brackish water Reverse Osmosis Membrane that can provide RO water with a 15% recovery rate. Operates under feed pressures ranging from 225 psi to 600 psi with 99.5% salt rejection.

The BW30-365 delivers the most effective cleaning performance and durability with a pH range of 1–13 tolerance. This element is primarily used in industrial water demineralization and production of municipal drinking water. Industrial reverse osmosis systems get consistently high performance and maximum element life when treating difficult feed waters.


  • 9,500 Gallons per day.
  • 34 mil feed spacer.
  • 600 psi maximum operating pressure.
  • Removes chemical contaminants.
  • Delivers high quality permeate water while minimizing unit cost.
  • High flux results in high yields.
  • Low energy costs with high rejection providing good water quality.
  • Hard shell exterior for extra strength.
  • Durable with Good Cleanability for Long Element Life.
  • DOW FilmTec high quality, long lasting and reliable performance.


Model/SKU: DWC63
Manufacturer ID(Part#): BW30-365 (Part #80773 )
Dimensions(Diameter x Length): 8" x 40" (actual 7.9 x 40)
Stabilized Salt Rejection: 99.5%
Permeate Flow Rate(Gallons per Day, gpd): 9,500 Gal/Day *
Maximum Feed Flow Rate(Gallons per Minute, gpm): 85 gpm (19.3 m3/hr)
Applied Pressure(psi): 225 psi (15.5 bar)
Maximum Operating Pressure(psi): 600 psi (41 bar)
Maximum Pressure Drop(psi): 15 psi (1.0 bar)
Maximum Operating Temperature(°F): 113°F (45°C)
pH Range, Continuous Operation: 2 - 11 **
pH Range, Short-Term Cleaning: 1 - 13
Maximum Feed Silt Density Index(SDI): SDI 5
Free Chlorine Tolerance(ppm): < 0.1 ppm ***
Membrane Style: Drop-in Element
Membrane Material: Spiral-wound with Polyamide Thin-Film Composite
Active Area: 365 sq. ft. ****
Outer Wrap: Hard fiberglass outer shell
Housing/Pressure Vessel Size(inch): 8 inch
* Permeate flow rate and salt rejection based on the following test conditions: 2,000 ppm NaCl, 225 psi (8.6 bar), 77°F(25°C), pH 8, 15% recovery. Permeate flow rates for individual elements may vary +/-15%.
**Maximum temperature for continuous operation above pH 10 is 95°F (35°C).
*** Under certain conditions, the presence of free chlorine and other oxidizing agents will cause premature membrane failure. Since oxidation damage is not covered under warranty, Dow recommends removing residual free chlorine by pretreatment prior to membrane exposure. Most RO systems have carbon pre-filters for this purpose
**** Active area guaranteed ±3%. Active area as stated by Dow Water & Process Solutions is not comparable to nominal
membrane area often stated by some manufacturers.