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Our deionization resin filters are ideal for laboratories, aquariums, and industrial applications. These replacement DI filters fit standard deionization systems, we can help you find the right size for your system.

These replacement DI water filters are for ultrapure water filtering and have a variety of applications. These deionization filters have mixed bed resins to provide better quality, ultra-pure water. If you have any questions contact support at 1-888-309-2837.

Ultrapure DI Water Filters | Deionization Water Filter

  • Premium resins
  • Reduces TDS to a near 0 ppm
  • High-Purity Deionization Filter
  • High Capacity Media
  • Ideal for pharmaceutical, semi-conductor, medical, and industrial applications
  • Excellent for use as post filter for reverse osmosis
  • Body Materials FDA Approved
  • Ideal Cartridge to Install Post-RO to Lower TDS
  • Fits Most 2.5” x 10” Filter Housings