Deionized (DI) Dual Water System - 2.5" x 10"

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The DI System provides one of the highest stages of purification. The mixed bed cartridge will eliminate roughly 11,000 mg/l of overall dissolved solids (TDS). The DI Water System removes virtually all ions and minerals from your drinking water, such as calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium, sulfate, and copper.

Deionized DI Water is needed for hospital and medical facilities, laboratories, aquarium and fish stores, electronic manufacturers, food processing, and car washes. Fits most 2 ½-inch x 10-inch filter housings.

This set includes:

  • (2) 10" Housings ¾” IN/OUT
  • (1) Bracket
  • (1) Filter Wrench
  • (2) 2 ½” x 10" Mixed Bed DI Cartridges

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