Replacement For VIQUA UV Lamp | VH410 Lamp

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The RL-330HO High Output UV Lamp is the replacement lamp and key for LUMINOR BLACKCOMB-HO LBH4-101, LBH5-101, LBH6-101 High Output UV water purification systems. The UV lamp is a key component of your UV system as the light destroys waterborne microbes as they pass through the UV rays. Replacing your UV bulb on schedule ensures you get the cleanest water your system can offer.

The RL-330HO is an authentic LUMINOR lamp and has a 10,000-hour lamp life. The UV-C light being emitted will weaken with time, so once a lamp reaches 10,000 hours (or every 12 months), it is important to replace the bulb promptly.

Why using a genuine LUMINOR lamp is important: LUMINOR UV systems and lamps are tested and certified as a complete unit. Using an authentic LUMINOR lamp ensures proper system performance and water disinfection, providing you with confidence in knowing your family's water is safe.

NOTE: Using non-LUMINOR lamps voids all UV system certifications and may compromise your warranty should an issue arise.



  • Includes Lamp Key (works for LUMINOR Branded Systems Only)
  • Replace every 12 months or 10,000 hours of use
  • Power: 34 Watts
  • Length: 13.0" (330mm)
  • For all LUMINOR BLACKCOMB-HO 4.1 LBH4-101, 5.1 LBH5-101, 6.1 LBH6-101 High Output UV Systems

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