HydroGuard Reverse Osmosis Filters

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Our replacement filter set for the HydroGuard Reverse Osmosis Filters is designed for superior water quality. This system boasts the most advanced filtration technology, promising a reduction in contaminants and guaranteed clean, great-tasting water.

Water Filters To Choose From:
STAGE 1 - (HDGT-SED5) Sediment Pre-Filter - Replace Yearly
STAGE 2 - (HDGT-CB5) Carbon Block Pre-Filter - Replace Yearly
STAGE 3 - (HDGT-TW50) RO Membrane TFC 50 GPD - Replace In 3 Years
STAGE 4 - (HDGT-CB5P) Carbon Post/Polishing Filter - Replace Yearly

It is recommended to replace filters every year.
It is recommended to replace membranes every 3 years.

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