Clack WS1 V3007-01 PVC Solvent Elbow 3/4" & 1" Assembly

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The Clack WS1 V3007-01 PVC Solvent Elbow Assembly is designed to connect to the Valve or the By-Pass for Clack Water Conditioners. It also connects to fittings from many other manufacturers. The PVC solvent connection is glued to your pipes or fitting to provide a solid, permanent connection.

With an inside diameter of 3/4" and an outside diameter of 1", this fitting can be connected to either size pipe or connector. These fittings are utilized with the ScaleNet Salt-Free Water Conditioners.

The Clack WS1 Series fittings are designed for use with any of Clack's 27 GPM systems with 1" connections.


  • 1" Quick connect nut
  • 3/4" Inside diameter connection
  • 1" Outside diameter connection
  • Includes all parts for two complete connectors
  • Compatible with ScaleNet, Fusion, Filtersorb, and more

1 V3151 WS1 Nut 1" Quick Connect 2
2 V3150 WS1 Split Ring 2
3 V3105 O-Ring 215 2
4 V3189 WS1 Fitting 3/4 & 1 PVC Solvent 90° 2

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