Clack WS1 V3006 Bypass for 1" Valve

Sale price$44.30


The Clack WS1 V3006 Bypass Assembly is designed to connect to Clack Water Conditioners. These fittings are utilized with the ScaleNet Salt-Free Water Conditioners. 

The Clack WS1 Series fittings are designed for use with any of Clack's 27 GPM systems with 1" connections. The bypass requires adapters to fit standard plumbing.

  • Fits Clack and other brand's fittings
  • The valve assembly includes all the components shown in the diagram for a single bypass assembly: male BSPT, Female BSPT, and threaded handpiece
  • Compatible with all ScaleNet and Fusion products, Filtersorb, H2O Purification Systems, and more

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