Birm Filter Media (Removes Iron and Manganese from Well Water)

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The most efficient media for removing dissolved iron from raw water supplies. These granular compounds are ideally used in either gravity-fed or pressurized water treatment systems. Dissolved iron is obtained by dissolved oxygen on the filter material, which acts as an insoluble catalyst since it remains unaffected by actual contact with the water.

Birm water treatment is economical, has few chemical additives to the well water, yet effectively oxidizes iron molecules. The resulting precipitation of ferric hydroxide is easily filtered utilizing media designed and can safely be used to remove iron and manganese, providing superior well water quality. The result is an enhanced oxidation reaction and the production of ferric hydroxide, which precipitates and can be easily filtered.

  • Filter medium used in iron filtration systems
  • Oxidizes and eliminates iron and manganese without pre-treatment but functions best following aeration
  • The pH must be 7.0 or above to function correctly
  • Durable material with long life and a wide temperature range
  • Removes iron, manganese, general filtering of dirt, rust, sediment
  • 1 cu. Ft. Birm filter media used in iron filter tanks

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