10" x 4.5" Big Blue Water Filter Housing - 1" NPT

Bracket For Housing: NO
Size: 1"
Sale price$49.99


Big Blue Filter Housings have a reinforced polypropylene cap and styrene acrylonitrile sump, with 1" NPT ports. They offer optimal flow, performance, and cartridge life. They fit many 10" x 4.5" diameter cartridges for low-flow apps, with built-in pressure relief for safety.

Our chemical-resistant replacement housings come in various sizes and can accommodate several cartridge types to tackle any filtration challenge. Made of FDA-grade materials, this system is a durable and affordable water filtration solution for residential plumbing, commercial, and light industrial applications.

Tested and certified by NSF International to NSF /ANSI Standard 42 on material and structural integrity. 
Applications: Whole house filtration, Reverse Osmosis, residential plumbing, icemakers, misting units, food processing, greenhouses, drip irrigation, wineries, and many more.
It is recommended to replace filters every year.

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