Pump Switch 1/4" Quick Connect

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Tank Pressure shut-off switch PWS W/Wire harness features, Pump Switch 1/4" Quick Connect is used to control the on/off of the Aquatec booster pump 6800 series and 8800 series.  Application is installed on a reverse osmosis water system.  Instructions are included in the packaging.


This pressure switch comes with quick connect wire plugs that connect quickly to Aquatec booster pump and a transformer.  100% factory tested, built-in John Guest cartridges.

This switch has 1/4" inlet and outlet quick connect fitting.  All you need to do is to push in a 1/4" OD tubing into the inlet and outlet all the way in, the fitting will seal itself.  To remove the tubing, you just need to push the plastic ring firmly against the fitting then you can pull out the tubing.

Pressure Setting:   It is pre-set at 40 psi cut-off pressure, but it is also adjustable.  The adjustable range is 30 to 60 psi

Operation:  When the pressure switch is connected to a Aquatec pump and Aquatec transformer, it will turn on the pump when pressure switch is sensing below 40 psi; then it will turn off the pump when the pressure is sensing 40 psi or above.

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