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This system removes heavy metals like iron, sulfur, and manganese from your water without using chemicals. Our most popular iron removal system comes with Katalox Light for heavy-duty iron removal. The cartridge's patented air injection iron filter technology creates a pocket of air to compress at the top, forcing the water to flow through and allowing for the iron to be oxidized out of the solution. The water travels over the innovative magnetized media, which attracts even more left-over iron particles that are then trapped within it. Removing all traces of rust, iron, dirt, bacteria, and other harmful contaminants from. The Air Injection Iron Filter Oxidation (AIO) technology oxidizes the iron, so it falls out of solution, giving you clean iron-free water. 

The Fleck 2510 SXT AIO system removes up to 15 ppm iron, removes 15 ppm of hydrogen sulfide that causes rotten odors in your water, and removes up to 5 ppm manganese. This is a high-flow system that goes up to 12 GPM. NSF and FDA-approved components, including the filter media.

Filox For Iron Removal:

  • Superior Iron Filter Media
  • Chemical free / environmentally friendly
  • Highest flow rate of any iron removal media
  • Operates within a broad range of pH, effective from 5.0 - 9.0
  • Chlorine tolerant
  • System automatically performs the daily backwash that is required

System Features:

  • Simple to operate with a set time clock
  • Fleck 2510SXT Control Valve
  • Includes built in 3/4 bypass (1" bypass available)
  • Almond polyglass mineral tank
  • Utilizes less than $2.00 of electricity per year
  • Low maintenance / user friendly

Warranty Selections:

  • Standard: 5-year valve warranty / 10-year tank warranty
  • Extended: 10-year valve warranty /  10-year tank warranty
  • Lifetime: Lifetime valve warranty / lifetime tank warranty

Click here for the Fleck 2510 Air Injection Iron Filter Start Up Guide

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