Which Water Filter Systems Waste Less Water?

Water Conservation Filter SystemsGoing green can be a tough decision. You want to protect the environment, but you also need filtered water with minimal waste. Many businesses and homes are taking on more environmental responsibility, however these days, getting clean water and going green can be tricky. Water filtering can create waste water and typically, reverse osmosis systems work on a 4:1 ratio principle. That means for every single gallon of clean, filtered water you can have up to four gallons of water going down the drain.

That’s definitely a lot of waste water, especially if you’re trying to conserve as much as possible.

There are technological/mechanical advancements to help environmentally-friendly consumers conserve water, making their water costs more affordable, AND get the pure, filtered drinking water they need.

Reverse osmosis membranes and systems are being designed with water efficiency in mind, especially in locations where droughts are common and water is in short supply. There are drinking water filtering systems that are available that waste MUCH less water. In fact, a 1:1 ratio reverse osmosis drinking water system is the most economically effective system on the market today, with a 1:1 membrane than can save you up to 75% on waste water.

Saving up to 75% of four gallons of waste water makes a HUGE difference. That kind of efficient water filtering not only helps the environment, but it also helps with your water bill, without sacrificing the quality your clean drinking water output.

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