Terminator 2000 Auto Shut Off Valve

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The Terminator 2000 Auto Shut Off Valve for reverse osmosis system monitors the tap water pressure and the water storage tank pressure. This auto shut off valve only comes in black.

When your tank fills up to 2/3 of the tap water pressure, this shut off valve will turn the system off.  This RO system auto shut off valve can save 1,500 gallons of water per month when compared to a system without it.

How The Auto Shut Off Works With Your System

The system is designed to turn back on after an amount of purified water has been used from the storage tank. This feature helps reduce TDS Creep, which is an increase of TDS in your storage tank, which is caused by turning on and off your systems.  This helps prevent water from being wasted by automatically shutting off the water supply.  It helps your system work more efficient and prolongs the life of it.  It makes a great compatible replacement part for your drinking water system.


The Terminator 2000 Auto Shut Off Valve can be installed in a vertical or horizontal position.  The valve uses 1/8 inch FPT ports, allowing you to use 1/4 or 3/8 inch tubing.  If you need more information or details on this part, contact our customer service department, 1-888-309-2837, and we'll make sure you'll get the right part for your system.


Your tap water goes into the first port on the end of this Terminator 2000 auto shut off valve.  From there this water then comes out of the second port and goes to the inlet side of the reverse osmosis membrane housing.  The clean and purified RO water goes through the third port and into your storage tank.  There is an option to put a “T” or an “EL” fitting on on this Terminator 2000 shut off valve.

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