PurTest Pesticide Water Test kit

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PurTest P-Pesticide DIY Pesticides in Water Test Kit

Ensure that swimming water is safe for everyone before diving in with the PurTest Pesticide Water Test Kit. This do-it-yourself test kit provides almost instantaneous results on whether two of the most common pesticides in the United States are present in the water. Anyone with a home pool and swimming enthusiasts alike should always have one of these test kits on-hand.

Pesticide Test Kit

This water test kit from PurTest includes 1 test that checks for the following pervasive pesticides:

  • Atrazine
  • Simazine

Results are ready in less than ten minutes, so everybody can get on with their swimming.  This test kit is made in the USA, and you can expect fast, reliable, and accurate test results. The pool kit is capable of detecting those two pesticides at or below the EPA maximum contaminant levels.

Easy Pesticide Testing

To use the PurTest Pesticide Kit, all you have to do is add water and a test strip to the test vial. After just ten minutes, you remove the strip and the results will tell you whether the two pesticides are absent or present in the water.